What? A new post? AMAZING!

Yes, I’m still around. I apologize for my lack of posting in…forever but, I been a bit busy. In a good way! But, yeah, I’m going to start doing a personal vlog about… Continue reading

Lympha-what? Lympho-who? Lymphe-please!

Apologies to our readers, both loyal and new: I’ve been adjusting to my life since surgery and haven’t been in front of the computer as much as I should be, so posts have… Continue reading

Scars Upon Thars

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS FOLLOW THIS POST. I’ve started and restarted this post about a million gazillion times in the last three months and I’m not entirely sure why. Sometimes I thought I sounded… Continue reading

The Lady In The Next Room

Well, I’m finally home from the hospital! It wasn’t totally a success but it wasn’t totally a failure, either. I’ve written about my experiences in the story that follows. It’s kinda long, I… Continue reading

To Surgery Or Not To Surgery? THAT Is The Question…

Well, I’ve gone quiet again. I know, I know but I always go quiet when something big is on the horizon and yes, something big is definitely on the horizon! In fact, I… Continue reading

Fatigue Of Their Own

So, it has now officially been a full year since my last surgery for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. And looking back over some of my previous posts, I have to admit that it’s been a pretty rough… Continue reading

Magic Soap

  I know what you’re thinking: Magic soap? That’s not a thing! Well, frankly, I think Gandalf’s shower would disagree with you, so there. Ok, fine, so there’s no such thing as ‘magic… Continue reading

The Psychology of Pain

Yeah, I know, the title of this post sounds like a mid-90s goth band, full of angst and black eye makeup – BUT, believe it or not, it’s really actually a ‘thing’ in… Continue reading

Diet And HS

Since the beginning of time, man has turned to food to sate his hunger…because, duh, he was hungry! What else was he supposed to do?! But, then, very shortly after, man developed a… Continue reading

Even More Site News

Hmm, I’m doing this entry via non-traditional methods (e-reading device), so hopefully the end result is not too awkward! Well, I hope everyone that celebrated holidays the past few weeks enjoyed them and… Continue reading